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Place You Visit in Ladakh

You will not find many places on the planet that are as attractive as Ladakh. As a matter of fact, the mountainous landscapes, enchanting road journeys, and deep blue lakes have attracted travelers from across the globe. Here, you will come across lots of attractions including elegant palaces and beautiful monasteries in addition to tranquil villages. In this article, we have mentioned the most attractive locations that you will come across during your Tour Package in Ladakh in the near future. So, do not waste time and go through this article from start to finish.

Ladakh Tour Is Not Boring

  • Leh Palace - This palace showcases the splendor of medieval Tibetan culture in the best possible way. Located on top of a hill, this palace has been made from stone, mud, wood, and sand. One can compare this palace to the reputed Potala Palace Situated in Lhasa. The walls of this palace provide warmth during winter as well as create a cool ambiance during summer. The interiors of this palace have been decorated with ceremonial dresses, crowns, jewelry, as well as artistic paintings. Several of these are as many as 450 years old and they have been made from colors obtained from gems and powdered stones. Apart from this, this palace also provides incredible views of the valley plus the surrounding mountain range.
  • Pangong Lake - This Lake is surely the highest saltwater lake on the planet being situated at a height of 4,300 m in the Himalayas. While thinking of a Place You Visit in Ladakh, you must consider this particular Lake mentioned here. You will visit the world of fantasy thanks to the panoramic mountain ranges in the background, the serene blue waters of the lake as well as landscaped vistas. There is no doubt about the fact that Pangong Lake happens to be one of the most well-known points of interest in the Ladakh region. The most intriguing thing about this lake is that it is known to change colors from time to time and appears green, blue, grey, plus red at different points in time.
  • Shanti Stupa - This one happens to be a monument situated above a hill. This monument was made by some Japanese Buddhists with the help of some locals. It faces snow-capped mountain ranges and happens to be a symbol of peace. Here, you will come across a golden statue of Buddha along with other images focusing on his birth and demise. It will be possible to reach the area with the help of vehicles up to the entrance.

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